Self Inquiry
Meditation Seminar

with Dr. Bhagwan Awatramani

The Seminar
Dr. Awatramani conducts weekend seminars, residential weeklong retreats, daily meditation sessions (in Zurich) and private consultations. Seminars typically include discourse and time for questions and answers. Much of the seminar is conducted in meditation. Discourses are in English with German translation (in Europe). Seminars are conducted throughout Switzerland and Germany during the spring and fall. They are offered in North America in July and in Matheran, India during the winter months. See the schedule for details

Seminar Topic: Self Inquiry
We live in bondage, entangled in a world perceived through sense organs of body, and mind. We interact with this world in a never ending chain of events which are but results of our past actions. Is it possible to be free of this limitedness and thereby live in freedom, spontaneity, creativity and love? – Intuitively we know there is “Something” permanent, changeless in us, yet this eludes us because our senses and mind take us outwardly to a projected world.

What is this changeless “Something” which at present we experience in a veiled way as our existence through the notion “I”? – Inquiring into this “I” would we be taken into the inner depths of consciousness, thereby distancing ourselves from identification with world, body and mind and therefore freeing us from all entanglement? In such a consciousness would we then be living in the moment, uninfluenced by past action? Would we then always be spontaneous? Having been unburdened would this release a creative energy, and would we have love? Having been freed of past influence would we therefore be beyond time – timeless? Is this not our Immortality?

These are not thoughts for intellectual consumption but an inquiry that has to be done not using the mind – which is thought, feeling and pictures (for these create our bondage). – Can we do such an inquiry in total Silence (which means without any kind of mental activity or vibration)? Would such an inquiry be an inner voyage into pure consciousness and lead to a merging with the “Immortal”? Would we then be free and begin to live without bondage? Is this not liberation?

The inquiry needs dedication, one pointedness and perseverance but is possible for anyone who has the interest and intention.