Teachings in Silence

Teachings in the tradition of the Great Ramana Maharshi

with Dr. Bhagwan Awatramani

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Who am I?

This is the central question behind all human quests. Who is this “I” that perceives, interprets, and judges the world and itself, based mainly from past experiences?

The pull of the world
How can we answer this question when the world constantly pulls at our senses and reaffirms our false sense of reality? Our senses gravitate toward this outer experience where we continually search for confirmation of who we think we are.

Shifting awareness
Dr. Awatramani teaches that by seeking answers to life questions in the outer world, we chase the reflection and not the source. Instead, he uses the gift of deep silence to help students shift awareness from the observed to the observer, from experience to the experiencer, from the periphery to the source.

The still point within
This shift in awareness toward the source of being can open the door to the fundamental change we seek in life. It is this still point within where we discover that there is no world apart from us, and where we may taste the peace and infinite consciousness which is our true home.
Since the heart is bliss… you won’t experience it,
you’ll become it.

Dr. Bhagwan Awatramani

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