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“What causes resistance?”

— Transcribed from a talk by Bhagwan — What causes resistance? Does the dissolving of identity produce fear? And the fear (produce) resistance? Is there fear of the unknown, of the unfamiliar? Do you need a structure to hold on to the past, the conditioning, the fixed patterns etc? If these dissolve, how would you know […]

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VIDEO: Bhagwan Awatramani: Journey of a Meditation Master

Bhagwan shares his journey, starting as a child fleeing civil war in India, to seeking meditation to cope with being sent off at a young age to boarding school. Later he uses the fruits of meditation to treat 100 patients per day as a medical doctor for the indigent. He describes how he went from […]

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VIDEO: “Silence, the Inner Teacher”

  “What is Mind? And, what is the consciousness beyond the Mind? Is it possible to live a vibrant, fully-engaged life without identifying with the world? In this interview with Dr. Bhagwan Awatramani, Bruce Miller explores the core questions of meditation, identity and the art of living.

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