The Grip of Identification
Q&A -- December 2009, Atlanta

Q: In describing the purpose of meditation which is to discover reality, you said over and over again that the means is to "let go". So if I look at that word "letting go," the opposite of letting go is "gripping", "being gripped." So would you explain or describe what this grip is and how the "grip" or block, which is so hard to let go, ultimately releases?

A: The grip is the grip of identification. And it is caused by the idea that you have of yourself as a separate entity. Out of that idea comes experiences, perceptions, sensations that you experience which you are identified with. That is how it happens.

So once again, the idea that you are a separate entity which is caused by the "I-thought" or the "I-feeling", the feeling of I, that you are separate, you are this body having these thoughts and feelings. Out of this experience or idea comes other experiences which you are connected with and therefore identified with. This is the grip.

Now the second part: How is it released? It is impossible to be released by any mental activity because the whole experience is born of this experience of your self as body and mind. And nothing can release you from this. No voluntary effort can release you from this except a turning your "consciousness" inward to the source of this identification. Which is not, again, a voluntary effort. It is not an effort. It is not an activity. It is turning your consciousness inward as the opposite direction of the experience [of body and mind]. It is an inquiring into this point of identification, the "I".

So this turning inward of consciousness is called "self-inquiry." And this happens through this practice of silence. In this you are guided by the energy of silence, for silence is the Source and that Source pulls you towards it. That silence guides you to itself. This is what releases you.

So once again no amount of thinking, no exercise, no feelings, no experiences, nothing can release you from this bondage. Because all activity is born out of bondage, out of this identification. So as long as there is this I-thought and no awareness of it, as long as there is a feeling of I, the feeling or experience that you are a separate entity; as long as this is there, there is bondage, there is this grip.

So it is really the energy of silence that can release you. In other words, the energy of silence, silence is the Source from where you come.... from where everything is created. And it is only the Source that can release you. The Source that created you.

So when you turn inwards in that direction, it guides you to itself and releases you.

(c) 2006 B.D. Awatramani



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